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Enjoy picnic in nature

The cold winter weather is a special time when hot tea or coffee is especially useful to warm up after long walks of the trails of Sigulda.

Feel the fresh winter morning.







Going into nature on foot or on a bicycle, overcoming difficult bike paths, larger and smaller mountains, consumes a lot of physical strength and at some point lacks enough energy and power to go further, so you need to stop, breathe and absorb new forces. We offer ideas for picnic places in the forests of Sigulda, on the banks of the Gauja, and in places where you can enjoy some drink or a meal!













Routre Sigulda-Krimulda-Sigulda

The most outstanding sights, landscapes, and nature observation places in the Sigulda area are included in this route. However, in order to experience them, it will be necessary to get to know the steep falls and elevations of the ancient Gauja valley. Don't forget to take your camera with you to capture a delightful view of the ancient valley!

In the section from Sigulda to Krimulda, the romantic Krimulda Serpentine Road or a wooden staircase will lead to Krimulda Manor. At the highest point of the cliff, near the Mednieku namiņš on the Krimulda side, there is a specially arranged picnic place with a canopy - "Wigvam", overlooking Turaida Castle, the Bridge over the Gauja, and a wonderful landscape.


In addition to this route, you can see other, very beautiful places - Piķene cliff and Aunapiere cave.

An interesting nature trail along the interesting river leads to the Pedestrian bride over the Gauja, it is possible to see the Devil's Cliffs and a cave, which in stories has been like an ancient place of worship. Opposite the Devil's Cliffs, there is a well-maintained picnic area and a campfire place where you can breathe the fresh air of Gauja National Parl and look into the impressive rock outcrops.

The last great rock wall of the ancient Gauja valley is about 15 m high, which has formed in the right bank bend of the river. In the middle of the cliffs, you can see the dark mouth of the Krimulda Devil's cave. Old and biologically important pines with so-called crocodile skin bark.


The final stage of the route leads to the slope of Kaķīškalns, where there is also a picnic and campfire place by the Gauja.

The route is circular, so the return road will lead along with the sights of Sigulda.


Dauda Waterfall

Dauda waterfall is located northeast of Sigulda on the bed of the Dauda river. It qualifies as the third largest waterfall in Latvia in terms of height. Height - 2.4 m, width - 1.5 m - 2.5 m. There is a picnic table on the bench very close to Dauda Waterfall.


Picnic place on the bank of the Gauja near Glamping, near Vējupīte

Sigulda is a place where the natural environment is in close interaction with the man-made historical and urban environment. Only 2-3 km from the Station Square is the deep Vējupīte ravine and the ancient Gauja valley, where you can find interesting natural objects and untouched wildlife. The route is suitable for pedestrians who are not afraid of climbing the steep slopes of the deep Vējupīte ravine.

The wonderful route - the wild ravine of the River Vējupīte and Mound Paradīze - is about 10 km long. But it is also possible to see nature objects separately by driving a car to the Painters Hill, Peters Cave, or Satezele castle mound. Walk along the Vējupīte ravine to the Gauja, you will find well-maintained picnic and campfire places.


Ravine Raganu katls

The Ravine Raganu katls is a huge sulphonation funnel or ravine, which has been formed as a result of the operation of various watercourses. This ravine has formed from the valley side as a partially cut 30m high and 20m wide cylinder. The maximum height of the rock walls is 20 meters. Its interior is reminiscent of a panorama in the Geological Museum, which characterizes rock bedding, layer structure, rock stratification, and color changes.

There is a picnic place in the middle of the forest by the viewpoint of Raganu katls.


The trail along the right bank of Gauja River

If you have chosen the right bank of the Gauja as your destination - a walking trail along the Gauja - from the Gauja bridge to the Sigulda County Tourism Information Center "Gūtmaņala", then you know that there is an official picnic place on the river bank (with 3 campfire places), light a campfire to cook a meal or just sip your favorite hot drink. The trail can be combined with a walking route: Sigulda - Krimulda - Sigulda or a cycling route: Sigulda classic in the Gauja National Park.


More parish

If you have decided to go away from the city, away from society, then you know that in More there is also a well-equipped picnic area in the More Memorial Park.

You may not have visited a place like Zuši sulfur springs so far. Zuši sulfur springs are located near the village of Jūdaži. You will see a sign of sulfur springs on the side of the road. In the territory of sulfur springs, a trail has been created, which will take you to the sulfur springs themselves. In 2014, the association “Četri krasti” with the support of the European Agricultural Fund improved the surroundings of the sulfur springs here, so that access to them would be convenient for everyone.

The surrounding mud has healing powers, so as a result of which before the Second World War, a place called "Zuši" had a medical institution with sulfur and mud baths, but the place ended during the war. In 1928, the Pogiņa sulfur and mud bath institution in "Zuši" was opened. In 1935, a separate residential house for patients was built as well. According to the press of that time, "Zuši" was equal to "Ķemeri". The composition of sulfur is marked as similar to Ķemeri National Park.

Routes- One day aroud Allaži and Sigulda-Allaži-Sigulda

Going in the direction of Allaži, it is possible to discover the magic of Černauskas great oak, the cult stone Černausku, look at the springs of Kaļķugrava (Mežmuiža), where a picnic place is also available.


Fresh air, a pleasant walk, and a calm atmosphere are all you need to recharge yourself and go home smiling!



In the file attached you will find all the available picnic spots in Sigulda and its area! 



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