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Witches’ cauldron
Witches’ cauldron

A huge sufosia funnel transformed by active erosion with the depth of 30m and width of 20m. Ancient legend tells that this used to be a place for witch Sabbaths and courts.


Address Situated northwards from Sigulda in Nurmiži Ravine Reserve near the River Dauda and the home Daudas
Coordinates 57.176591   24.884609
Phone +371 67971335

In Sigulda, downstream of the Dauda river, near Daudu's house, there is a deep semi-circular sandstone funnel - a ravine called the Witch's Couldron. One side is as if cut and opens onto the river valley.


The Witch's Cauldron is located north of Sigulda's Nurmiži ravine in the reserve near Daudu's house and river Dauda.

The Witch's Cauldron is a huge sulphosis funnel or ravine formed by the action of various watercourses. This ravine is formed from the side of the valley as a partially cut 30m high and 20m wide cylinder.
The maximum height of the rock walls is 20 meters. Its interior resembles a panoramic view of the geological museum, which depicts rock bedding, the structure of the layers, the layers of rock and the colour changes. 

In the sandstone of the Witch's Cauldron the layers of Gauja and Amata tails are opened, where the zones of red clay deposits and aleirolite are spiralled.In the bottom part of the western side of the Witch's Cauldron there is a small, beautiful cave, from which a small brook flows out. The Witch's Cauldron is known as the place where the movie "The Cage" was filmed, the metal cage left in the sandstone bears witness to that. In the upper part of the Witch's Cauldron a small seasonal waterfall is created.

The outer edge of the couldron is split by the bed of the stream flowing from the slope, which ends with this 2.7 m high waterfall. The impression of the ravine is diminished by the active process of erosion as well as numerous landslides and mud.
The largest sandstone outcrops are at both sides of the Witch's Couldron, while at the top they are small. Movement and physical force to couldron's rock surfaces are strictly prohibited.

It should be noted that the Witch's Couldron is a protected natural object. The Witch's Cauldron is part of the Gauja National Park Nurmiži ravine reserve zone, which can only be visited for scientific research purposes with the special permission of the Nature Protection Board. Therefore, the Witch's Couldron can only be viewed from the top view of the canyon!

Protected nature object. Witch pot is a ravine that formed due to different water streams. From the side of the valley this ravine has taken the form of partially split cylinder that is 30m high and 20m wide. The inside of the cylinder reminds panorama in the geology museum that characterizes rocks seam, layers contexture, rocks layering and change of the colours.


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