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28.02.2020 Day
0o C, ZR ZR. 4m/s
28.02.2020 Night
-1o C, R R. 3m/s
29.02.2020 Day
3o C, D D. 3m/s

Michael Kiwanuka will perform in Sigulda castle

James Arthur will perform in Sigulda

Brittish singer Dido will perform in Sigulda in June

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Weaving workshop Vuuven
Weaving workshop Vuuven

Weaving workshop VUUVEN creates hand-woven high-quality, natural material textile accessories - scarves, bracelets, new-born blankets, as well as interior textiles. At the workshop, it is possible to weave your own scarf.


Address Kr.Valdemāra iela 3-3, Sigulda
E-mail - Kristīne Ķepale
Telephone  +371 29684191

Linen scarves weaving workshop (scarf size - 90x100 cm) - 110 EUR;

Winter Scarf Weaving Masterclass (scarf size - 40 x 200 cm) - 130 EUR.


"VUUVEN" weaving workshop offers an exclusive opportunity to weave a scarf accompanied by the textile artist Kristīne Kepale, even without prior knowledge about weaving itself. The duration of the master class is 12 hours, which are planned prior in two-day classes of 6 hours. It is possible to weave a linen scarf or a warm wool scarf for the cold season.


During weaving lessons, participants are introduced to weaving technology practically and theoretically, with materials, as well as jointly selected shades and combinations of materials for the intended scarf.


The Visit of the master class and the experience gained combine modern values - mastering old skills, craftsmanship, and a long-lasting product that is extremely unique.


The weaving workshop can be attended by two participants at the same time, as the workshop has two looms. For more information and available dates, please contact the master: Kristīni Ķepali.


The works of "Vuuven" can be found at, the accomplished workshops can be viewed at




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