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Secret Soviet Bunker in Līgatne
Secret Soviet Bunker in Līgatne

Nine meters below the ground there is a well-equipped bunker with an area of over 2,000 square meters, the secrecy seal of which was only removed in 2003.


Address “Rehabilitation Center “Ligatne””, “Skaļupes”, Ligatne territory
Coordinates 57.255186   25.069557
Phone +371 64161915; +371 26467747


The bunker was built in the 1980s for the needs of the political and state power elite to lead the country in the event of a nuclear war, it was also the secret hiding place of Voss and Pugo, the first secretaries of the Soviet Communist Party.

The most powerful autonomous economic structure with all the necessary and most advanced equipment of its time.Until today, all the authentic underground equipment has been preserved Rehabilitation centre "Līgatne"

What to see in the Soviet Bunker:

  • Plans and reflections of situations that occur when the dam of all hydropower plants is disrupted in the case of war, which areas would be flooded with water, and how it would affect all other major cities;
  • Autonomous power plant with diesel generators and fuel storage;
  • Air conditioning equipment for air purification with oxygen reserves;
  • Water supply and sewerage equipment operating according to submarine principle;
  • A telecommunications unit that provides direct contact with Moscow - the Kremlin and autonomous contacts with all major services in the country;
  • Books written by Marx, Lenin, Brezhnev and other Soviet politicians;
  • A unique map with historical collective farm names;
  • Soviet Union Communist Party XXII Congress materials;
  • Canteen with a typical Soviet menu;
  • Various Soviet time attributes, household items.

* Individual tours are held in Latvian and Russian, as much as possible also in English.

You can find full pricing for sightseeing tours in the Secret Soviet Bunker here


A meal in the bunker:

  • Visitors have the opportunity to dine in the style of the political elite of the 1980s, drinking from the "granyonka" (table glass) and eating at the tables covered with waxcloth.
  • Available is a typical Soviet menu: Barricade snacks with sprat sandwiches and pickled cucumbers, kolkhoz worker's set with soup, compote and rye bread, as well as other authentic snacks and drinks.


Reality game "Object X" - for active people who are not afraid to go on a secret mission and receive an adrenaline dose. Participants of the game must enter into the role of a secret agent who performs a secret mission to rescue his/her homeland from a disaster. Participants take part individually or in teams.

Additional information about the game here


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