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17.02.2020 Day
6o C, DR DR. 9m/s
17.02.2020 Night
5o C, DR DR. 9m/s
18.02.2020 Day
4o C, DR DR. 6m/s

Micheal Kiwanuka will perform in Sigulda

James Arthur will perform in Sigulda

Sigulda will host the final stage of the World Cup in bobsleigh and skeleton

Brittish singer Dido will perform in Sigulda in June

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Safari park More, deer garden
Safari park More, deer garden

A savage garden where, in an area of 170 ha approximately 500 stags, fallow deer and white stags are being reared. We can assure you that the animals will not only come near you, but also gladly receive a treat from your hands.


Address Saulstari, Mores parish, Sigulda district
Coordinates 57.079183   25.057277
Phone +371 29444662
+371 26539222 (about hunting)


Adult - 5.00 EUR
Children (2 - 12 year) and retirees - 3.00 EUR

Guided excursion - 20.00 EUR group;
for groups 15 and more people - free guided tour

Working hours

Reservation in advance - 29664014

Saturday - 10 AM - 4 PM

Sunday - 10 AM - 4 PM

The first private deer garden in Latvia has been operating since 1995. More than 300 fallow-deer and European red deer (white and red) graze in the area of 170 hectares. Safari park More offers to get to know wild animals - reindeer, fallow deer and white deer, with a total of about 500 animals. 
Here, deer are already accustomed to people, so they can not only be seen running through the meadow, but also be looked at closely, fed from the hand and also you can take a photo with them. It is allowed to take along some food for deer feeding, for example, dry bread, carrots and apples
It is also possible to buy special deer food before the excursion. In the park, there is a special walking tour of about an hour and a guided tour. The guide attracts animals closer, tells about deer, their life and behaviour, as well as renders the opportunity to see a collection of deer horns at the end of the tour. As a souvenir you can buy horns of red deer and fallow-deer.
Animal breeding is being done in the park.

By prior arrangement with the hosts, it is possible to see the animals in the available enclosures. Safari park "More" offers:
Fishing in the ponds.
Picnic place with garden fireplace and grill.
Possibility to taste self-hunted deer meat.
Animal visitation and feeding.
The supply of selected animals.
The examination of deer horn collection.
Possibility to buy horn souvenirs.

Please apply for a visit in advance by calling 29664014



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