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17.02.2020 Day
6o C, DR DR. 9m/s
17.02.2020 Night
5o C, DR DR. 9m/s
18.02.2020 Day
4o C, DR DR. 6m/s

Micheal Kiwanuka will perform in Sigulda

James Arthur will perform in Sigulda

Sigulda will host the final stage of the World Cup in bobsleigh and skeleton

Brittish singer Dido will perform in Sigulda in June

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Rāmkalni track
Rāmkalni track

Skiing track "Rāmkalni" offers two 200m long slopes equipped with anchor type ski lift, illuminators, inventory rental, professional instructors and a pub to have some delicious meal.



„Vītiņkalni”, Inčukalna parish


57.124859   24.658544

Phone +371 29100280



Skiing track “Rāmkalni” offers two 200m long slopes, from them one is extreme and fast with several springboards and other will be more suitable for family leisure. Both tracks are equipped with comfortable anchor type ski lifts. Ski lifts are for two people and you won’t be bored while riding up. Of course it is possible to find all the necessary equipment to keep tracks smooth, safe and even with snow, when it seems to might be a problem anywhere else.


If you do not have your own skiing or snowboarding equipment, don't worry, on the top of mountain we have equipment rent office, but down the hill you can have a cup of coffee or dinner in our warm and cozy pub. Or if you are in a hurry, you can visit our bakery and grab a piece of delicious pastry-work with you.


"Rāmkalni" is like made for those who want to start mountains skiing or snowboarding, we have highly skilled and professional team of instructors, which will teach you basic techniques or even something more complicated for intermediate level. All our tracks are specially secured with additional safety nets, so you don't have to worry about serious injuries at your first slopes.


In one word, nice place to spend an evening after hard workday and gather strenght for all week, don't forget your friends and family with you, we are sure they will appreciate such offer. And what is most important, you don't have to drive far from home, because "Rāmkalni" is just 26km from capital Riga.


Offer - high quality HEAD skis and snowboard equipment, all size of skis and boots for small and large ones. For safety, helmet renting is available.


Cross-country ski track
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