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Sigulda thrills! Souvenirs for everyday use

Over time, the purchase of souvenirs has become a necessary part of a journey. They are often purchased as a souvenir, a memory symbol from the place that you visited, the object that you saw or the activities you did! Larger or smaller souvenirs bought can be used on the way to go, a present to bring home or to a friend or a family member!






Take a look at the Sigulda brand "Sigulda thrills" and its orange aesthetic, which is available in both Tourism Information Centers of Sigulda County! 



Travel mugs, thermoses, tea/coffee mugs

A useful tool for hiking, which will allow you to enjoy your drink warm, or will serve as a dish for further explorations of different places. 



Put on a warm sweater or a scarf while maintaining a pleasant body temperature! 



Water bottles, drink glasses

Easily attached to a bag for a longer walk, for a quick drink, so you don't have to stop your journey!  Drinking glasses are useful for a different themed event or for your favorite drink on a hot summer evening! 



Umbrellas, raincoats and panchos

 When the weather forecast has ever been correctly predicted? The following items must definitely find a place in every traveler's bag!



Read a good book while traveling or save it for home

For a peaceful rest, there must be a place in a bag for some reading material for a more creative resting time! 



Grab a snack to go! Who doesn't want to try new tastes of different countries! Enjoy the hidden taste of rhubarb or cranberry/quince candy, sugar cane and cranberries!

Sit down - a plush blanket will allow you to sit more pleasantly and relax when you need it! Especially to enjoy the scenic views and natural sights of Sigulda!

You can also buy other, interesting souvenirs that are useful for the road - notebooks, pens, pencils, phone cases, backpacks, towels, hats, books and much more that can be put in a bag and easily carried.


Are you a fridge magnet collector too? Maybe you are missing exactly one from Sigulda?


Come and visit and find your most exciting souvenir from Sigulda!


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