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Ravine Raganu katls and surroundings

Sigulda is a place where nature and mand-kind creations become one. Only 2-3 km away from Sigulda Station Square is located the Vējupīte Ravine in the deep valley of Gauja River, where you can find interesting natural objects and untouched nature. The route Ravine Raganu katls is for everyone who is not afraid to climb the depths of the steep slopes of the Vējupīte Ravine.






On the route, you can see Satesele Castle Mound and Satesele Canyon, Peter's Cave, Vējupīte, the location of the former Klauku slalom track and ski jumping trampoline, Ravine Raganu katls and its surroundings. In addition, it is possible to visit Dauda waterfall, which is located 3.5 km from Ravine Raganu katls, towards Nurmiži. The length is about 10 km.


Satesele Castle Mound

This place is the oldest evidence of the population of Sigulda. The castle mound was fortified with an 8 m high and 75 m long defense wall. In the lower reaches of the Gauja, also in the present territory of Sigulda, Turaida and Krimulda, the oldest population was found around the 2nd millennium BC. Archaeological research shows that until about the 7th century the surroundings of Sigulda were inhabited by the Southerners of Vidzeme region. Several centuries later, around the 11th century, the glorious Liv culture had flourished. Not far from Satesele Castle Mound, the nature trail leads down to Satesele Canyon, where you have the opportunity to see rock outcrops. This is a suitable place for a peaceful walk, where you can experience the history of the region and see amazing scenery.


Peter's Cave

The height of the cave reaches 5.3 m, length 6.5 m and width 2.2 m. An old man's tail says, that the cave got its name when during the Swedish war a farmer named Peter was hiding in the cave.




A tributary of the left bank of the Gauja River. Its length is 14 km, drop - 88 m. In a 3.5 km long section downstream of the Riga-Valka railway station, Vējupīte flows through a deep ravine, where the relative fall of the river is 15–16 m / km.


Klauku slalom track and ski jumping trampoline

The first ski jumping trampoline in the Baltic States was built here in 1933. The first ski jumper in Latvia was Aleksandrs Celms, who was for a long time one of the best jumpers in the whole Baltics. At that time, the ski jumpers were also proud of their excellent physical shape, because after each jump,  they had to climb back up on the hill on foot, there were no lifts at that time. In the 1950s, the Kalna Klauku trampoline was renovated and a second trampoline was built next to it, where the Republic Championships took place until 1963.


Ravine Raganu Katls

A huge sulphosis funnel or ravine formed by the action of various watercourses, 30m high and 20m wide cylinder. From the rock wall seasonally a waterfall comes down up to 2.7 in hight. Its interior resembles a panoramic view of the geological museum, which depicts rock bedding, the structure of the layers, the layers of rock and the color changes. In the sandstone of the Ravine Raganu katls the layers of Gauja and Amata tails are opened, where the zones of red clay deposits and aerolite are spiraled. The Ravine Raganu Katls is known as the location for the movie "Cage". The Ravine Raganu Katls itself can be only seen from the top viewpoint of the canyon, where a nature trail leads along. 


In addition, you can also visit:

Dauda Waterfall



Dauda waterfall is located north-east of Sigulda Daudas river bed. The third biggest waterfall in Latvia. Height - 2,4 m, width - 1,5 - 2,5 m. Dauda or Lākturu River (upper reaches called Jurbrenčupīte, Ķillupīte - Liv's old name) starts in Sigulda parish above Vidzeme highway A2 and is the left bank tributary of the River Gauja. Dauda flows through a deep canyon type glen. The river bed hosts several waterfalls. Driving along the road which leads from Sigulda to Nurmiži you have to take left. A small sign indicates the way to the waterfall. Until the waterfall, you have to go on foot about half a kilometer. Most of the Dauda river flow is included in the Gauja National Park Nurmiži ravine reserve area, which can only be visited for scientific research purposes with the special permission of the Nature Protection Board.




Nurmiži Nature Reserve area

The area of the Gauja National Park Nature Reserve (strict regime) has been established in order to preserve the natural processes taking place in the biologically diverse territories.
Crossing this area is allowed along a certain route is marked on a map. Visiting the nature reserve area is not allowed!


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