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Dog friendly places to visit

 A dog is a man's best friend! It is always a time well spent when you are with your pal! Take a long walk through the most beautiful sights of Sigulda or different forest trails, enjoy a delicious meal in one of Sigulda's cafes or restaurants or participate in sports activities with your dog.


Sigulda region was recognized in 2019 as the most dog-friendly region, where owners with their pets are welcomed in public places, sightseeing objects, and catering places! (


Sigulda can be proud not only of several dog-friendly cafes, but also many walking trails, which allows your four-legged friends to stretch their legs and run around.


Recommended routes: Turaida Ravines and Caves, The wild ravine of the River Vējupīte and Mound Paradīzes and route Sigulda-Krimulda-Sigulda are great options for walking with your for legged friend! 



Enjoy the day with your dog, but take a few precautions:
the dog must be on a leash, muzzle if necessary;

respect the people around you;

the dog must sit quietly next to the owner;

it is forbidden to bring dogs into the exhibition premises.


In Sigulda, special autonomous cartridges with biological waste bags have been installed, which are intended for dog excrement. These cartridges with eco-friendly bags are located in the following places:
  • In the Castle Quarter (to the right behind the entrance gate);
  • Station Square (in the green area behind the kiosks);
  • Festivity Square (at the Ferris Wheel);
  • At the intersection of Cēsu and Leona Paegles ielas.

If necessary, the waste bag disposal during a walk is also possible in municipal waste bins available in urban areas.


According to the Cabinet of Ministers (CM) Regulation No. 266 “Welfare requirements for keeping, trade and display of domestic (pet) animals in public exhibitions, as well as training of a dog” provides that:
in towns and villages outside the fenced area, the dog must be carried on a leash;

in towns and villages outside the fenced area, the dog can be in a green area and in the forest without a leash.


Each municipality explains the term green area, as well as exceptional cases, such as certain places where the dog is not allowed to be without a leash (children's playgrounds, sports grounds, gardens, etc.), in its binding regulations.


Sigulda Municipality Council February 8, 2017 binding regulations No. 4 “Regulations for keeping domestic (pet) animals in Sigulda municipality” indicate that:

1.1. "It is prohibited to take a dog for a walk in the open-access sports and playgrounds of Sigulda region, sports grounds of state or local government institutions, except in cases when it is related to the demonstration of the animal at events agreed with the local government."

Responsibilities of the dog owner (keeper):
5.1 To ensure the keeping of the dog in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments;

5.2. At the request of a Sigulda Municipality Police official, to present the dog by securing it so that the data included in the electronic identification system (chip) can be obtained safely and unobstructed with a data reading device;
5.3. To ensure that, when the dog is outside the territory owned by its owner or keeper, information is attached to the collar, in which the address and telephone number of its owner (holder) are indicated;
5.4 During the walk, carry the dog on a leash
5.5. When taking the dog for a walk, take a bag for collecting the dog's excrement and present it to the Municipal Police official upon request; (After collecting the excrement, the bags must be disposed of in rubbish bins located on all walking routes along bicycle lanes, sidewalks, at benches and elsewhere in the green areas of the county.)
5.6. When transporting a dog in a public vehicle, keep the dog on a leash with the muzzle on or without the muzzle and place the dog in a bag, container or cage suitable for transport.


Persons are held responsible for non-compliance with the requirements of these regulations in accordance with the Latvian Code of Administrative Violations.

We invite you to report any detected violations of animal abuse or stray animals to the Municipal Police that can be reached 24/7 on mobile phone +371 26160288 or e-mail


Have a wonderful day for you and your dog!



Dog-friendly locations:

Sigulda county Tourism information centre

Sigulda county Tourism information centre

(Ausekļa iela 6)

Sigulda county Tourism information centre "Gūtmaņala"

(Turaidas iela 2A)


 "Tobio sushi"

(Raiņa iela 1)


(Leona Paegles iela 15A)


(Pils iela 1)


(Ausekļa iela 9)


(Pils iela 4B)


( J. Poruka iela 14)

 "Siguldas Kebabs"

(Dārza iela 29)




(Vidzemes šoseja 14)


(Ventas iela 1A)

 "Kungu rija"

(700 m no Turaidas muzejrezervāta)


(Ezeri, Siguldas pagasts)


 "SPA Hotel Ezeri"

(Ezeri, Siguldas pagasts)


(Ventas iela 1A)


(Pils iela 6)


(Jaunbeites, Siguldas pagasts)


(Pils iela 4B)


(Kalnjāņi, Siguldas pagasts) 

Sightseeing objects

Lasertag Poligon 1

(Miera iela 15)

Fischer Cross-Country Ski Track

(Puķu iela 4)

Sigulda Footballgolf park

("Kraujiņas", Krimuldas novads)

Cable Car over Gauja River

(Jāņa Poruka iela 14) 



Jānis Roze

(Leona Paegles iela 3A)



Castle of Livonian order in Sigulda

(Pils iela 18)

Turaida Medieval Castle

(Turaidas iela 10) 




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