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Ideas for activities in Sigulda

 It is the time when we are feeling tired of peaceful walks and being at home. We offer to charge your energy with thrilling activities in Sigulda!


Obstacle Park Tarzāns offers unique open-air activities for the whole family! In the park you will find activities for adults and children! The green and blue track are available, as well as the children's park and toboggan track will be open on weekends! Come and you will enjoy it!


Aerodium is the first vertical wind tunnel in Eastern Europe. The wind flow is so strong that it lets you lie down and fly without wings! By changing body position, the laws of aerodynamics let you rise in the sky, perform various movements and feel incredible emotions. The entire flight time you will be together with an instructor, who will keep you above the wind flow at a safe height.


Polygon #1. The first game polygon is located in Latvia (Sigulda), on the territory of the former military unit, where the entire environment for carrying out of exciting games is kept with a wide selection of military arsenal. All the weapons are fitted with electronics, using an infrared beam, which makes the game safe for all participants. The team can choose the battle arena and weapons for each player. Professional instructors will conduct instruction and show the area in order the team would get the maximum of emotions and adrenaline during the time spent at the Polygon.

Zipline Zērglis is the world’s first and currently the only such attraction, where you ride a zipline on the cable car’s cableway. The beauty of the Gauja historical river course and breathtaking emotions on a birds’ fly height – 55 meters above the Gauja River, rushing forward to the horizon with a speed of up to 60 km/h.


Turn a walk into an exciting adventure in nature in Sigulda Footballgolf park. The general aim of the play is to kick the ball into the hole according to the rules of golf. There are 18 holes available for play with different obstacles and hazards, which makes the play interesting for each player. The game can be played in pairs or in teams of 4-5 persons. The winner is the team who has played one round of 18 holes with the lowest total number of kicks.


All those looking for extreme feelings are welcome to test their courage in bungee jumping. The air cable car stops right in the middle of the Gauja river, so bungee jumping would create maximum adrenaline. The first bungee jumps in Latvia took place in 1989. At that time, the rubber was made by cutting the inner tubes of car tires into strips and tangling them in the braids.


The Sigulda Aerial Cableway offers a ride over the Gauja valley, enjoying the view of a wonderful landscape over a distance of multiple kilometers. In a height of 43 m above the ground the Sigulda Aerial Cableway connects both sides of the river Gauja in a width of 1020 m and excites with an excellent old valley of Gauja, three medieval castles – Sigulda, Turaida and Krimulda, and the Bobsleigh Track and Gauja bridge. The Aerial Cableway is the oldest such type of vehicle in the Baltic States. Welcome to a ride above treetops!


Summer bobsleigh rides - recreational bobsleigh sleigh rides. During the ride, you can enjoy the speed and feel the sporty adrenaline as turns of the track. Children from the age of 6 can also ride with one of the parents.




Sigulda’s 9-hole golf course in Reiņa Trase is the most recent golf course in Latvia. The 9-hole(PAR 30) course inspires players with the beautiful view at Sigulda and Krimulda castle mounds and hillsides, the changing terrain, and pond cascades. Beginners can acquire the basics of golf with the assistance of instructors. Players with the Green Card can rent the golf equipment and visit the special golf shop. Enjoy a wonderful vacation on the 8-hectare golf course!


Romantic hot air balloon will allow you to feel like a bird and watch the earth from the heights of the clouds. Licensed pilots will take you to new heights! ALTIUS' s the most experienced pilot is Gunars Dukste with more than 2500 flight hours. He has flown in many countries, including ones like Turkey, Spain, the USA, Japan, France, Austria, Luxembourg, UK and others. ALTIUS provides balloon rides with the latest and modern hot air balloons.



Sigulda Sports Centre - an opportunity to resume strength training in the Strength Hall, as well as take part in group classes and perform Sports diagnostic services - physiotherapy, get consultations from a nutritionist and perform load tests.


At the Fischer Cross-Country Ski Centre is an asphalted road surface-reaching 1.25 kilometers in length and 4 meters in width offers various options for activities in the warm months of the year- roller skating, roller skiing, Nordic walking, running or cycling.



Take the opportunity to go cycling or boating in nature, learning new experiences! It is also possible to rent scooters here. Isn't that exciting enough?


Choose the most suitable rest for you and see you in Sigulda!


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