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Boating routes in Gauja National Park

Enjoy the beautiful scenery and rock outcrops in the Gauja Valley. 


Gauja is the most popular river for water tourism in Latvia. The beautiful sandstone outcrops that you can view fromthe river, thea easy access to the river, dense network of water tourist centers, the nature of the river is suitable for the widest interests and opportunities of boaters, the ancient water tourism traditions, as well as the status of the national park are the main tourist attraction. During the season, the Gauja is safely boatable from Valmiera to the estuary, which is 85 km and 3 days long. One-day routes are definitely popular. On both banks of the Gauja River, there are several boaters' stops with well-equipped picnic or campfire places, where you can conveniently park the boat to continue the trip the next day.


Go on an exciting journey through the Gauja National Park with a boat to explore its picturesque landscape and diverse nature!


Good to now!

It is not recommended to swim and walk on the bed of the Gauja - it can be dangerous! Life jacket is recommended. In the territory of Gauja National Park, you can spend the night only in the tourist settlements created for this purpose! Be careful of sandstone outcrops, which are protected natural monuments! It is forbidden to move along the Gauja by motor vehicles. Everyone is responsible for safety during the route. Rescue services: 112!



In the Gauja River valley, the boating section of 40 km Ligatne - "Rāmkalni" is especially gorgeous where you can see Jumpravu Rock, Katrīna Rock, Gūdu Rocks and Launaga Rock. As you approach Sigulda, you can see the magnificent Turaida Castle and the Vējupīte ravine. In this section, the river flows through the ancient valley of the Gauja, which is one of the most impressive forms of the Baltic relief, although its size is not completely perceptible from the boat, because the scenic views are covered by coastal vegetation and forests. The highest concentration of sandstone outcrops is in the first seven kilometers streching from Līgatne. In terms of outcrops, the “empty” section is located between the Brasla estuary and Sigulda. 



The beautiful and full of sandstone outcrops of the river’s banks can be enjoyed on a two-day trip, the starting point of which is the water tourist settlement at Līgatne Ferry. The route can be divided into sections at Līgatne Ferry - Sigulda 23 km and Sigulda - Rāmkalni 17 km, where you can see the impressive Velnalas cliffs, Ziedleju cliffs and Katlapu Rock.


The 45 km long route Cēsis - Sigulda, which can be carried out within two days, will be more suitable for more expierenced boaters. At Cēsis - Ligatne you can see several gorgeous sandstone rock outcrops: Briedīšu Rock, Edernieku Rock, Leimaņu Rock, Ķūķu Cliffs, Līņu Cliffs, Enkurakmens Rock. There are several boat stops on both sides of the river, where you can easily place your boat to spend the night and continue your trip the next day.


Adventure seekers will be driven by a 62 km long route  Valmiera - Līgatne, to be completed within three days. In the section Valmiera - Cēsis you can see Sietiņiezis, Red Cliffs, Līču- Laņģu Cliffs, Kazu Rock and the mighty Ērgļu Rocks.

In this section, the river flows through the ancient valley of the Gauja, which is one of the most impressive forms of Baltic relief. The most dangerous place on the route is Ķūķū krāces (rapids). Although they are not technically complicated, an overturned boat happens here every year. The biggest drop of the river is in the section from the Amata estuary to Līgatne, therefore many drivers choose to drive only the Cēsis - Līgatne section. 




 Primeval valley of the River Brasla


Although the river is classified as “small”, this section of the river does not have the typical obstacles the small rivers have — trees fallen over the river, stacks of trees and branches in the river, and traces of beavers.


The largest obstacle is the dam of Brasla water reservoir. Take your canoes around it on the right riverside. Respect the informative signs installed in the vicinity of fish breeding farm, which is a private property; however, one shall be aware of the rights to unlimited access to the protection zone of a river. Faster rapids are experienced in the section downstream of the water power plant till its mouth with the River Gauja. When the water level is higher, the shallow places, stones, and islets are below the water; however, in case of lower water level at some places these may hinder the paddlers and one shall be ready to step out and push the canoe. The trip on Brasla is enriched with the many sandstone outcrops. The route runs through Gauja National Park


Distance: ~25 km (Brasla) + 15 km (Gauja)

Duration: Brasla 5–6 h, Gauja 3–4 h depending on the motivation and skills of paddlers

Best time to go: April-September, but paddling is possible from early spring floods till late autumn

Difficulty level: When the water is low — easy. At high floods — moderate

Vertical drop of the river: For the whole section on Brasla ~16.7 m, average ~2.0 m/km.



Camping at Gauja National Park

Līgatne- Sigulda

Right bank Left bank
"Paslavas"  "Katrīna"
"Brasla" "Bērzi"
"Jaunzāģeri" (private) "Vējupīte"
"Sigulda" "Siguldas pludmal" (private)


Cēsis- Līgatne

Right bank Left bank
"Cēsis" "Žagarkalns" (private)
"Kvēpene" "Ozolkalns" (private)
"Briedīši" "Rakši" (private)
"Skaļupe" "Ķūķu iezis" (green area)


Rāmnieki- Cēsis

Right bank Left bank
"Jāņarāmis" "Lenči"


Valmiera- Rāmnieki

Right bank Left bank
"Caunīts" (privāts) "Sapa"


Attached You will find additional information on boating routes in Gauja River.


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Suggestion for boating routes can also be found in Sigulda County Tourism Information Center (Ausekļa iela 6) or Sigulda County Tourism Information Center next to Gutman’s cave.


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